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Welcome to Writer Imperfect

Writer Imperfect launched in 2019 as an expansion of the #Author365 hashtag that Joshua Robertson began in 2018 in hopes of shining the spotlight on the vast talent and knowledge of other writers/creatives in the industry. Taking place twice a week (Monday and Friday), Joshua will be hosting a live broadcast on Twitch with writers to speak about the craft, the industry, and their own personal journeys. While some shows might have specialized topics, Writer Imperfect will be focusing more on natural conversation and interaction–which may prove to be as imperfect as the name suggests. It might also prove to be rich with content. You will have to tune in to find out!

If you are an author/creative and would like to be a guest on the show, you can fill out the form below. Again, the show airs on Monday and Friday at 8:00 PM EST each week (unless otherwise stated) with a maximum of 4 guests per show. All episodes are recorded through Zoom and the audio will later be uploaded to iTunes. Joshua will reach out to those interested to finalize details and answer any questions or concerns. 

Season 1 ended on May 31, 2019. Season 2 will begin August 2019. Writer Imperfect will not be airing during the months of June or July.



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