thrice-nine-legendsThe world of Thrice Nine Legends is called Aenar. The main continent stretches nearly the length of the world, sitting fully within the expanse of the ocean, called Strega’s Deep. Saudis Dar is divided horizontally by the Kalinov Desert. Maharia is the name given to the North and Haemus Mons is the name given to the South.
How is Time Measured? 
There are a total of 24 hours per day with two thirds of those hours being governed by the Sun. The Moon waxes and wanes in fixed cycles of 28 days each, upon which the twelve months are based. A full year upon Saudis Dar is approximately 365 days, clearly marked by Festivals and Celebrations within the Season of Warmth and the Season of Frost.

What is the Climate like in Maharia? 
The weather in Maharia is mild for the first six months of the year during the Season of Warmth. The sun has a strong presence outside of the brief rainy season. Most of the water in Maharia comes from the ice-capped Shade Fells, and dissipates through the rivers that run southward.

What is the Climate like in Haemus Mons? 
The weather in Haemus Mons is considered to fluctuate depending on the amount of rainfall, high temperatures, and various terrains. Rainfall can average nearly 130 inches per year, giving high humidity during the day and cooler nights. The overall temperature throughout the season varies minimally. Due to the heavy rains, steam frequently bellows from the Shade Fells in Haemus Mons giving an ominous aura to its surroundings.
Due to the high humidity, the temperature always feels warmer than it actually is during the day. When there is increased rainfall in the middle of the year and during the months associated with frost, temperatures will be at their lowest. However, it is unlikely for snow to ever fall in Haemus Mons.


The Months of the Year

Thrice Nne LegendsFirst of Warmth – Month of Birch
Second of Warmth – Month of Blossoming
Third of Warmth – Month of High Grass
Fourth of Warmth – Month of Harvest
Fifth of Warmth – Month of Ripening
Sixth of Warmth – Month of Sickle
First of Frost – Month of Wine Flowing
Second of Frost – Month of Rutting
Third of Frost – Month of Falling Leaves
Fourth of Frost – Month of Slaughter
Fifth of Frost – Month of Ice
Sixth of Frost – Month of Melting