Thrice Nine Legends

Over fifteen years ago, I began creating the fantasy world of Aenar, hoping to share the many adventurous tales with those who enjoyed fantastical stories. Little did I know thatT those early musings would expand into the Thrice Nine Legends Saga, gripping readers worldwide.

I cannot express how humbled and appreciative I am for those who have fallen in love with Aenar. Your interest in my storytelling has given me the opportunity to do what I love.

So, thank you!

A Little Bit More…

I have created the Thrice Nine Legends webpage as a resource for any readers who would like to learn more about the world, characters, lore, magic, gods, and so forth. Likely, you will find information in the menu buttons above that will not be readily available in the novels. The history of the world and the many races is simply far too detailed.

Now, considering I have gigabytes of data on my computer related to Aenar, I expect the transfer of information to take time. However, I will update the website periodically with new releases and new details as it becomes pertinent. If ever you have a specific question or interest related to Thrice Nine Legends, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do my best to respond to fan mail in a reasonable time.

Joshua Robertson