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highborn longwalker

After receiving an ominous message about forthcoming demons and doom, Falmagon Sej is sent to retrieve a magical staff to protect the Anshedar. But he has unknowingly fallen in love with the sister of his enemy, and the price for betraying love may be too high for him to stomach.

Falmagon’s footpath to becoming the Highborn Longwalker is riddled with sorrow, promising an undying hate for himself, unless he can somehow find salvation under the grace of the light bringer.


“For those who have enjoyed Robertson’s stories throughout his world – from Lairhein to Melkorka, from the demons of the netherworld to the peoples of the Anshedar – this book is an absolute must-read. For those looking for a book that is simply an amazing write, look no further.”

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Meet Bthrice nine legendsranimir Baran, the slave destined to save the world.

Bran is a Kras, a race enslaved by the Highborn for generations. He witnesses the forging of the forbidden dagger, kaelandur, created to execute Nedezhda, a Highborn found guilty of practicing death magic. But Nedezhda rises again with a horde of demons, leaving Branimir and his companions to seek out the Tree of Life with hopes of stopping them from destroying it. Over a thousand years, the looming threat grows to extend across all lands. When Branimir hears the dead are spilling over from the Netherworld, he not only realizes kaelandur may have a greater purpose, but also that the desires of the gods are incongruent with the interests of mortals. Against all odds, he is left to protect the magical dagger, or leave the whole world to fall to ruin.

The Kaelandur series box set includes Melkorka, Dyndaer, and Maharia. Look for other books in the Thrice Nine Legends saga.

“As a word weaver, Robertson joins legendary writers such as Tolkien and the science fiction of C.S. Lewis. His believable characters spring quickly to life, and leave the reader longing for more.”

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