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After long wars against the Vucari, the Stuhia are few in number, residing in their single city of Lairhein in the far north corner of the world. The Stuhia were said to once be Protectors of the Ash Tree, but lost favor with Wolos when they sought Marheena’s magic, Koldovstvo.
The Stuhia are sometimes referred to as “dragon men”, believing the blood of dragons courses through their veins. You may learn more about the Stuhia’s magic by reading about Magic in Aenar.


The Stuhia have features similar to the Northmen. The Stuhia primarily have red colored hair and light eyes. Men are generally larger than the female gender. The Stuhia stand from 5 ½ – 6 ½ feet tall and weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. The Stuhia are ageless, except when casting their spells, which drain the years from their life. Some spells may drain minutes, where others might kill them entirely.


The Stuhia people originate from the far northern city of Lairhein. Few ever venture beyond the red walls. Those who do are usually seeking greater power, or escaping some atrocity they have committed within thier own society.


The Stuhia are known to either worship Marheena or Wolos depending on their understanding of history.


Stuhia have power beyond what living creatures should possess, and are often driven to obtain more power. Stuhia are only limited by their imagination. Otherwise, the Stuhia may have alternative motivations, much like the Anshedar. Their motivations depend greatly on the individual personality of the Stuhia.



Mingling among humans is not difficult for a Stuhia, as their characteristics are similar to the Northmen. Some believe more Stuhia exist than are known, although none are really known. Signs of a Stuhia generally included that they are very deep sleepers, very hard to wake up, often drowsy, thoughtful, and solemn. Stuhia are wise and seem to carry luck in their pocket, frequently successful at whatever they set out to accomplish.


The Stuhia are considered outcasts, but are usually known to be benevolent toward other races, save the Stuhia. Speculations of the Stuhia and Ispolini fighting together in ancient wars has recently surfaced, but with both societies so far removed, little has been written to give the rumors credence.


The Stuhia are said to have formed a bond with the world around them, and have gained the skills of speaking with animals, trees, or even the wind to gather information about the world around them. Though, any who know the Stuhia people, understand they can enter a shadow world called Klukas to eavesdrop on conversations or find people at will. Due to the longevity of their life, many Stuhians have studied multiple languages.

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