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Branimir Baran, The Kaelandur Series. Artwork by Simon Walpole.

The Kras were said to have ventured across the sea from the homelands of Kalamaar with their human companions, the Anshedar, whom they were enslaved by before traveling into the North. Very few believe that the Kras still exist, but occasionally their kind will be found roaming in the hills or the woods. 

The Kras are considered to be valuable as reliable historians, but are rarely sought for such things. The numbers of Kras in the world are so few and far between that they are not considered a threat to any civilization. Beyond the pranks that some may pull (considered to be revenge against the people that held them captive for millennia), the little humanoids are rarely thought of, considered to be weak and worthless. 

The Kras stay hidden for the most part in the Hrani Highlands, holding a true fear of being caught by any larger creature, and to be showcased to the world as a trophy. 


The Kras stand under half the height of a human and greatly resemble that of a demonic child, weighing around 30 to 40 pounds. Their skin is always some form of crimson unless they are using their magic to disappear from sight. The Kras have awkward faces with misplaced mouths, crooked noses, and offset eyes. It is nearly as though their face was rearranged by a maul at birth. The hair on both females and males is generally black, greasy and thin. The strands will be tied back or shaved off completely. The male Kras do not grow facial hair. If they did not look hideous enough, it was as though the gods were indefinitely cruel, cursing them with blackened gems of eyes, covering the entirety of their socket.



The Kras once lived in the Crags of Kazimir on Kalamaar. This was so long ago that no living Kras could tell you specifics of their origin. The Kras had fled from the Crags when demons from the Netherworld flooded their deep caverns and tunnels of gems and gold. When the Kras took residence upon Kalamaar and the Islands of Forghar, the Kras were quickly enslaved by the Anshedar. Their numbers depleted nearly to extinction until the humans migrated to the North. It is only recently that their numbers have begun to increase once more.



If the Kras worship any gods or goddesses, they usually follow suit with the Anshedar who governed over them for so long.



The Kras are motivated by the actions of others, constantly looking for meaning in their own lives. The Kras will watch wars, eavesdrop on discussions, and follow traveling parties in curiosity of what drives people to want life. The Kras do not feel intense emotions of jealousy, greed, envy, or anger. The child-sized creatures definitely understand many of these drives within other races, but do not experience the same emotions. It is not unheard of for a Kras to allow itself to be captured, to simply join an adventure to see what all the fuss is about. The Kras are generally disappointed, not having the ability to connect honor or glory with reason.



The Kras have nearly been brainwashed that they are inferior to all other living creatures. The fact that they are able to stay hidden and do not rightly turn themselves over as enslaved subjects is fascinating in itself. The Kras are considered to be quiet, speculative, and constantly agitated. The lifespan of a Kras is unknown, though it was once recognized that one Kras would live over five lifespans of one human, serving a single family for centuries. The Kras are patient, but through fear and not virtue. When danger is afoot, it is likely that you will find a Kras hiding in its surroundings than barreling into battle.



The Kras considers all other races superior and would swear fidelity if they are captured within moments. To not do so would be extremely strange of character. The Kras believe themselves to be destined to serve, and the internal struggle between submission and sovereignty is chronic.


The Kras speak an unforgiving dialect that seems to be a broken language of something ancient and something primordial. In enough time, a Kras can learn enough words to speak freely with new races. This is often due to their quick intellect and knowledge of historical languages.

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