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Fantasy magic systems in fantasy fiction are one of the dominating reasons readers love fantasy. The primary magic in the Thrice Nine Legends Saga is called Koldovstvo, originating from the sacred bloodlines of the Stuhians. While the ‘dragon people’ are ageless once reaching adulthood, the cost of wielding Koldovstvo is time. In other words, every trickle of magical energy cast ages the spellcaster. The caster’s specific magical type and the extent of power is determined by the bloodline.

Through the ages, the Stuhians blood mixed with the Anshedar (humans), creating half-blood mages. Although some Stuhians may have been included, the half-bloods were once known as the Highborn, and later, the Kadari. Unfortunately, the half-bloods suffered from the regular aging process and the cost of Koldovstvo.

The Eight Cruxes of Koldovstvo

Koldovstvo has two Magical Domains: Elemental Magic and Entropic Magic. Every spellcaster, whether full-blooded or half-blooded, can cast Elemental Magic at equal cost to their life. However, their bloodline specifically gives them access to one type of Entropic Magic. When they cast this specialized kind of magic, they lose less life than casting Elemental Magic.

Elemental Magic

Elemental magic is based upon the understanding that the composition of the world contains Fire, Sea, Stone, and Sky. The four pieces exist everywhere, and those who focus on them can manipulate them no matter the challenge. Even in the hottest desert, the wetness of the Sea still gives life. The Sky still breathes winds into the deepest underground caverns. The Fire of the sun still burns in the coldest winter. And the dust of Stone billows across the roiling waves of the ocean.

Entropic Magic

Entropic magic is based on the understanding that some pieces of the cosmos are not visible with the eye. Primal, Profane, Sacred, and Void magic represent those lapses in connectivity for which Elemental magic cannot account. Primal is the immaterial component from which life springs, Profane and Sacred are the extreme dualities of the conscious mind, and Void is the gap between space, time, and thought.

Best Fantasy BooksWhat is FIRE?

The element of fire is manipulated by spell castors who concentrate on the destructive capabilities of heat and flame. However, wielders not only have the ability to grow Fire, but to deplete the intensity of it as well. Examples of Fire spells would include classic fireball, fire bolt, conjured swords and armor of fire, and spells that generate light to darkened areas.

What is STONE?

The element of stone is controlled by spell castors that focus on that which is concrete, solid and tangible. Stone is used for violent and defensive actions depending on the whims of the castor. Instances of its use include the formation of stone walls as barriers, the conjuration of shields, earthquakes, and throwing boulders at your enemies.

What is SEA?

The element of sea is wrought by spell castors that focus on influencing the water and precipitation in the environment. Sea can be used to bring rain, tidal waves, or even dehydrating another living creature.

What is SKY?

The element of sky is the focus of spell castors that bend the air and wind to their will. Sky can be used as simply as making weaves to bind an enemy’s hands, hold an enemy in place, or push a gust of wind to close a door. Sky may also be used to form tornadoes and wind storms to destroy buildings or massive armies.

Best Fantasy BooksWhat is PRIMAL?

Primal magic focuses on the use of animal and plant magic, augmenting aptitudes by changing physical form, and summoning plants or creatures related to the natural world. Spells cast in the primal domain would include plant entanglement, sprouting wings from the back to fly, or summoning packs of wild animals.

What is SACRED?

Sacred magic allows casters to heal the wounds of others through wielding holy energy at the potential expense of the own castor’s life. Sacred magic allows for casters to enhance their own strength and sanity, or buff other aptitudes during battle scenarios. Sacred magic also allows summoning of sanctified creatures.

What is VOID?

Void magic pulls from the unknown, parallel worlds, and within the minds of enemies. These spells allow castors to implement mind control, cast illusion spells, teleport through planes of existence, and construct spells of psychic force.

What is PROFANE?

Profane magic destroys the strength and sanity of enemies through the use of curses and unholy energy. The caster may steal the energy from other living creatures to enhance their own strength or sanity. Profane magic also allows the resurrection of the dead, demons and so forth. Those who cast Profane magic are referred to as Eretiks.

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