Author 365

Take the #Author365 Challenge!

In 2018, I challenged myself to create a 1-minute vlog every day on Instagram where I would inform folks what I did that day as an author. Whether I was giving tips on marketing, writing, or another aspect of a writer’s life, I truly enjoyed the experience. My intent was to simply show folks a day in the life of an author. Unedited-completely raw-viewers were able to see me when I was sick, stressed with chasing children, or having to engage in adulting routines that I would have rather avoided. Regardless, I am happy to report that I did not miss a single day all year long and always posted my 1-minute vlog.

In addition to the vlog, I also wrote a book in 30 days on Twitch, where I outlined my character creation process, plot formation, and then proceeded to write around 75,000 words before sending the novel to the editor. In 2019, I have started Writer Imperfect as a continuation of #Author365. The podcast is meant to bring along more authors to talk about their published works, the writing industry, and so forth to spread awareness of the creators behind the books.

I am inviting you to challenge yourself to the #Author365 challenge. You do not have to wait until January 1st to begin. Simply start by vlogging every day about your experience as a writer: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t forget to include the hashtag with your post. You can view some of my vlogs below or jump over to my Instagram to watch them all!