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The Anshedar are the human race of the North that spread across four divided kingdoms: Kingdom of Tamarri, Kingdom of Lonmere, Kingdom of Gaetana, and Kingdom of Ariadne.

The Northmen made a name for themselves throughout from the Shade Fells to Strega’s Deep, from the Hyaendi Hills to the Dyndaer, the Kalinov Desert and beyond. They carved holdfasts and farms across the land, cutting through the northernmost forests of the Dyndaer and slaughtering any that stood in their way. Their numbers are as vast as their personalities and belief systems. The Northmen follow the same qualities as one would expect humans to employ.


The Anshedar primarily have light colored hair and light eyes. There are instances where there are abnormalities in this basic appearance, but it is rare, no matter what Kingdom the Northmen was born. Men are generally larger than the female gender. The Anshedar stand from 5 ½ – 6 ½ feet tall and weigh between 120 and 270 pounds. Distinguishing between Kingdoms depends on the accent of the human and clothing or other decorative attire that corresponds with custom in the particular land. Some humans are known to color their hair, pierce or tattoo their skin, and dress in untraditional styles to flaunt their individualist natures. Humans tend to live under 80 years and therefore are known to change their politics, religious beliefs, and other such customs frequently in search for a higher truth that will bring them peace prior to their demise. This is sometimes apparent through their radical shifts in appearance.


The Anshedar migrated from Kalamaar and the Seven Islands of Forghar centuries ago. They tend to live in populations sized from a handful to thousands. Most Anshedar live within the confines of their cities and kingdoms, keeping clear of the wilderness and dangers of the unknown. The Anshedar tend to live in built structures of timber and stone, behind sturdy fortifications that protect their villages and cities.


The human race as a whole strongly supports the existence of a pantheon of deities who control the physical world and the afterlife.


The cold winters set apart the Northmen from the people of the kingdoms south of the Kalinov Desert. Their life rests on the fact that winter is coming and they have to prepare themselves in order to survive it. The North is affected during the long winters, with thousands of people killed and famine, not an uncommon occurrence due to poor harvests before winter or the inability to raise crops during the long winters. In winter, snows can fall twenty feet deep in the Lonmerean Kingdom. Rain falls cold and hard and sometimes turns into hail during winter months. The focus of surviving the environment is a primary motivation for most common humans.

The Anshedar are also enthused to follow the direction that they feel that their god or goddess leads them. The exact cause that warrants the behaviors of Northmen are difficult to pinpoint. Some seek glory. Some seek gold. Some seek peace. The list is not exhaustive and will be particularly related directly to the individuals own experiences that shaped the meaning for their existence.


The Anshedar are known as a tough breed that continues to follow the old gods. Much of their personalities are shaped by the deity that each human chooses to pay homage. Beyond that, humans are diverse in all areas, but are said to have certain characteristics based on the Kingdom that they originate from. Of course, these basic characteristics are frequently found across all Northmen and are considered more of stereotypes than truths.

Those that come from Tamarrian Kingdom, the closest Kingdom to the homeland, are the most likely to cling to history and custom. These men and women hold the most conservative values. Those that hail from the Lonmerean Kingdom are considered cagey and cautious. These men and women are often locked away in their port city, a stronghold protected by towering mountains, thick ice and heavy snow. Those that come from the Gaetanaen Kingdom are the most social and liberal of all the kingdoms. These men and women are draped in luxurious materials and frequently imprint their belief systems upon others. The Gaetanaens rule over the largest expanse of land and have the most contact with other human settlements and races. Lastly, those of the Ariadnean Kingdom are gallant and unflinching when compared to any other kingdom. These men and women are considered the most primitive but have a strong sense of politics and religion, quick to assist when war beckons.


The Anshedar prospered quickly in the North through the depredation of other cultures, with the Svet being their primary victim. A blood feud of sorts as continued to exist between the humans and centaurs ever since. This is not to say that the two races will not work together when there is a need greater than their hate for one another. However, in most cases, the interactions between the Anshedar and Svet are anything but cordial.

The Anshedar would say that they created the social norm, taught it to other societies, and mastered it. The Anshedar are perceived as arrogant and stuffy but are rarely challenged due to their overwhelming numbers and rashness for war. The Anshedar are far-reaching in their efforts to civilize the world, assimilating barbaric society after barbaric society to their fundamental ways of culture.
The Anshedar see themselves as potential allies with all races, excluding the Svet, and as everyone being their current subject or future subject. The Anshedar are generally friendly to other races, treating them like an adult would a child. Of course, there are Northmen that are exceptions to these hackneyed behaviors.


The Anshedar speak Anshedarian, the regular language. Some humans have learned to speak the languages of other races, but they primarily speak what they consider to be a universal language. With that being said, it is noted that there are definite dialects, with different word choices, spoken across the Kingdoms.

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