DKC Team Holiday Greeting


Thanks for the great year, DKC!

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The year is coming to an end and changes are on the way for DKC among our team. We are sad to see Joshua leave after only a short year of working together. But we wish you a happy journey that you are setting off on Joshua. Without further a do here is Joshua’s special holiday greeting and a bit of information on his journey he is taking.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!
It has been a wonderful year with Dragon Knight Chronicles. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading so many fascinating stories and being part of the think-tank of DKC. My knowledge of so many processes has expanded due to being part of a team that works hard to maintain integrity, and constantly strives towards being successful. As the holiday season approaches, I am like many others and am frequently counting my blessings. DKC is definitely…

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I am very excited to report that Book 1 in the Thrice Nice Legends series called Melkorka is gearing up for its debut release. I will be publishing this novel through Crimson Edge Publishing Company. This will be the first novel for the company with more authors works being published throughout next year in 2015. These will be announced in the coming months. The company will be accepting new submissions in January 2016 (unless things just really take off – there is always that possibility).

The cover reveal for Melkorka is scheduled for December 23, 2014. It will give you something (I hope) to admire and salivate at along with your holiday dinner. I will be honest, I am extremely stoked about the design and depth of the cover. The few select folks that have gazed upon its glory have already sung its praises!

The release date for Melkorka is tentatively scheduled for January 16, 2015! PLEASE PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!

Stay tuned for more updates, and other cool stuff!


1. Media Appearances/Interviews

If any folks would like to have some pre-release interviews or know of sites that specialize in these types of things, I am interested in forming some lasting partnerships with the blogging world. I would like to schedule some initial interviews to discuss the design of the cover, after the blurb is released, and other milestones up to the release date (and after). I have had several interested parties, but I know that I have read reviews WordPress blogs, and you folks are just awesome at reviews. These can be written, through YouTube, or podcast.

2. Freebies/Samples

There will be some Freebies / Samples of the book offered. Of course, there will be giveaways but there will be opportunity for pre-release samples for those that would like to review the novel. There are only a handful of options, so please let me kow if you’d like to set yourself up for a free book.

3. Speaking/Book Tours

I am currently scheduling many speaking engagements but I am interested in the good ole use of book tours. If you would like to be a part of helping tour the book on your blog or social media outlet, please – oh please – let me know.

Your Favorite Post!

I want to see your favorite post on your own blog! I have been super swamped for several months and haven’t had the chance to be as active as I usually am. It has been a bit frustrating for me! I know some people are equally busy and only are able to make it by my blog after I have made a comment on their posts. However, several of you have been very active liking and commenting on my posts when I have not been able to return the favor. I am grateful.

So, if you would be so kind to share a link in the comments of one of your favorite posts that you have posted in the past few months, I would enjoy reading it. It can be a story, poem, or just random post. But, I want to go read it and check it out.

A Fancy Picture Taker Please

As many of you know, I took a trek up to Alaska during the summer and am currently living up here with my family. My spouse has taken on the hobby of photography, but is in need of a fancy shmancy camera. Our current cameras doesn’t have the professional whatnot to capture the Aurora Borealis (our current photos don’t do it any justice), the wildlife, and other features of the great landscape. Anyways, she has opened up a GoFundMe to raise the funds to make her dream come true. Afterwhich, we can start sharing the photos with those of you that are not up this way.

Thanks for donating if you are able! Have a great Sunday.

We Are Being

I have been in this place before!

Charmed by these tapered senses,

My soul stuck behind human flesh.

And what is that I hear…nay, feel?

Ah, yes,

The hostile ticking of death’s clock.


These people are familiar to me!

A brother, and friend, and stranger,

Each wandering with weary eyes.

Why can we not see…nay, wake up?

O’ alas,

We are ensnared in endless calamity.


Or are we?


Feasibly, there is no living and dying!

Nor good and evil; god and man,

Nor him and her; enemy and friend.

What is this thought…nay, truth?

I say,

We are one and the same; we are Being!


[I find that it is important to expand upon the philosophy that inspires this writing. This is simply a thought worth speculating.

We, as human beings, are the result of a fragmented consciousness of a single being, which some folks may refer to as God. There are many different elements of ourselves that can be perceived as a good or bad, masculine or feminine, or any other polar opposite we have defined in our society. We have long been in the process of piecing ourselves back together so that we can finally reach a state of enlightenment and progress beyond the material world – the finite. As commonalities further dissipate in the world, our soul splinters again and again. In addition, the entire world that we experience is created by us unanimously. Our motivations, perceptions, desires, etc. perpetuate the reality of our world. We create new gods, new concepts, new obstacles that further chips at our soul. If we could learn to embrace one another, understanding kindness and love, we could advance beyond this existence. See, you are me, and I am you, and we have been through this many times before! We must learn to push aside our perceived truths, individual beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and accept all aspects of our true Self as being truth in itself. Only then can the Being be awakened!]