Mune and Mura: Chapter 1 Scene 1


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Mune followed the cherry blossom road towards Himeji Castle.  This time of the year was a joyous occasion for the city’s residents, as the trees began their newest cycle of rebirth.  Though the buds were few now, it would be but a week before the trees would be covered in a thick white blanket of blossoms.

The road began its ascent up the hill, where the imposing castle awaited the new recruits.  Having turned thirteen, Mune had set out from his small village to the much larger city.  His parents had given him a small farewell, where they provided him a modest silk robe and the family’s sword.  During his travels, he had become part of a group of boys making the same pilgrimage.  They all spoke excitedly of what awaited them; the beginning of their training to become great warriors.

A set of very…

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Half-Blood Contest Prompt


A very exciting contest prompt for this next month. Looking forward to your entries!

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There are many creatures that make up fantasy worlds. These range from pure beasts to many of mixed. This bi-monthly contest period will focus on creatures of mixed bloods. The main character can be a creature that are well known to the genre; (ex. demigods, Werewolves, Centaurs…etc.).

The plot is to focus around a battle scene. This can be a war battle or even just a sparring match between friends. The story must show the power of the Halfling.

We look forward to seeing what your stories will bring. Make sure to stop by our guidelines page to make sure your word count and format is perfect for submission. Here is the Link:

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Change by Gregory Guldensupp

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There is a grief that comes with every sunset,
For the day that is no more.
There is a sadness that comes with each sunrise,
For the night that has gone before.

Yet, every grief to joy gives way,
With each “Greetings Night” and every “Hello Day!”

“Change” by Gregory Guldensupp
17 March 2013/27 June 2014

Dragon by Christine Haggerty

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Will you love me as I am,
with my fire
and my tail slashing
across your heart?
Or will you pet me slowly
and, while I sleep on my bed of gold
in my soul’s cave,
smooth my scales
and calm my flying soul
until I forget that I have wings,
and I need you to show me
the clouds,
the sun,
the sea?
- – – – -
- – – – -
Christine Haggerty
November 4, 2003